Monday, July 16, 2007

Never Prepared, always left behind.

Note that this first sentence is the only one that I am writing during the time this blog is suppose to be written. (Pause for tour to KFAI radio). we went to KFAI. It is a new concept to me that people actually volunteer their own time and money to fund a community supported radio station. I come from a part of the country where respect for obscure opinion, art, and information holds little value. I was amazed that a group of broadcasters can actually thrive and continue to grow from producing this sort of material for the public.

I was particularly impressed by the professional environment at KFAI. I recently interned at the not-for-profit theater, Patrick's Cabaret. Now I don't want to smear the organization whatsoever, but the limited budget that they operated under was apparent. Scrimping for every penny, we were always using both sides of printer paper, constructing sound systems out of ordinary home stereo equipment, and any other necessary measure needed to save a buck. But at KFAI, the story is quite different. They use state of the art equipment, all of their studios are skillfully soundproofed, and their staff doesn't have to cart their own materials in from home.

Since Journalism seems to be my new great interest on top of my previous interest in voice over work, the whole experience has made me decide to look into to radio station internships after I complete my internship at Juene Lune.


heidi said...

wow.. its really cool to see that the one visit to KFAI could make you think of getting a job there. i completely agree with you in that I was also very impressed with how professional the environment was. How long have you been at Patrick's Cabaret and what do you do there?

Tattoos Are Forever said...

I'm not there anymore, but I was there from Jan-May 06. It's a great place, cheap admission.