Wednesday, July 11, 2007

A Walk Through Nature, Close to Home.

Good News! As you may have already noticed, I made it through the first day. In fact, today I was able to arrive at school a little under an hour early to finish editting and printing my story for class.

With the feeling of success floating under my feet, I practically bounced my way to the library this morning to use the computer. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed a peculiar sight. There was a robin akwardly hopping on the sidewalk. I stopped to watch as it climbed over the edging and toppled into the flowers. I took a few steps closer and noticed that the bird didn't flutter away. I thought perhaps it might be hurt, so I slowly increased my proximity and stretched out my hand to the bird. As the reflection of my fingers grew bigger in the bird's eye it convulsed and let out a startling squawk that almost made me lose my footing. By the time I recomposed myself I saw the bird scurry into the flowers out of sight.

My encounter with the bird this morning made me start to think about the environment here on the Augsburg campus. I feel that the being surrounded by nature and its scavenging little creatures puts me in the right mood to learn in the morning. During the season of beautiful summer mornings, that is. In fact, the weather affects my mood so much, that I would almost opt to take most of the classes in the summer and the fall when the weather is nicer for the longest amount of time. In fact, I'm even thinking about doing a statistical article about the affectiveness of the weather on grades as opposed to just moods. I feel that this information would be useful for teachers to be aware of if in fact the results prove my theory to be correct.

Stay tuned for more...


tskrenz said...

Given your interest and work experience in the performing arts and the fact that you're located in a vibrant arts community, I'm wondering if you've considered blogging a particular aspect of the local arts scene.

Maybe a few posts about upcoming shows at the Ordway, behind the scenes at a performing arts center or what it takes to get major productions up and running.

It would be interesting to hear from an insider.

heidi said...

Looks like theres more good news! You made it through your second and third day! You're on a roll. Although you have said how much you love theather.. have you ever thought about doing somehting that has to do with nature. It seems as though you might have a small love for nature as well. (just a thought)

I think that your statistical article topic seems to be very interesting. I mean I have always noticed that the weather affects the moods of everyone around me including myself, but I never knew that there are actual stats about it. It would be an interesting article to read as well.

unkownuser said...

to me i belive that nature is the best form of art and to incorperate it in your life and observing it might be your best insperation